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Diane Black

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You're only thirteen years old, so I'm going to be a bit more lenient here than I would with most other diarists. You have a lot of growing to do; both socially, and as a writer. When you get through middle school and high school, you'll develop better writing skills, which will help you to actually engage readers in your work. You use big words for someone your age ("succumb," "influential"), but you haven't got the maturity to put it to good use. While browsing through your entries, I felt as though I wasn't going anywhere. Most were just short updates that told me basic facts about yourself, but did little to elaborate in feelings or emotions. Don't get me wrong--you've got great skills... You just need more time to develop them.

STYLE 6/10
Weak, but with some potential. You've got some time to grow into your own literary voice, so I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet. Keep experimenting with what makes you feel comfortable, making sure that you writing actually connects with your audience.

Design 6/10
Blah, blah, blah, boring. I'm getting absolutely lost in this dark void of black emptyness. Where's the interest? Where's the spark? The most impressive visual on this layout is the white dotted box that outlines your actual entry. While it's clean and readable, it doesn't do much to sustain interest. If you're going to do monochromatic color schemes, you've got to make sure that you've got a detailed pattern or design to keep a viewer's eyes from rolling to the back of their heads. White on black does nothing when there isn't any visual weight to the page.

Why do most of the links open in a new window? I click on your Older page, and poof, a new window. Extras page? Voila, another new window. Very annoying. New windows are appropriate whenever a person is navigating away from your diary, but they're kind of obnoxious when a person's only trying to browse the contents of your own site. Cut down on all the unnecessary windows, huh?

November through December was pretty consistent, although you've left this current diary for another one on LiveJournal.

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